"How Einstein's Simple Formula, E=MC², Transformed The Way I Grew My Agency"

Get Ready For Massive Growth With This Simple Formula

Dear Local Agency Owner and Friend,

If you're interested in growing and scaling an agency and don't already know about the simple method I'm about to reveal to you, you're missing out on a lot of potential sales!

Growing a digital agency is a scary thing. You feel a sense of desperation to get new clients and keep the ones you have because you know that losing just one client could mean not paying your mortgage this month.

But it can be hard to find and close new clients. It's frustrating trying to get past the gatekeepers. And it's daunting to finally get facetime with an owner so you can explain the benefits of your marketing services.


First, have you ever asked yourself "Why does getting new clients for my digital agency seem so hard" and "Why don't the tactics the guru's sold me work?"

If you're like me, as you've been building a Digital Agency you've spent thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of dollars on courses, training, software and tactics that have failed miserably.

You may have a few clients, but ultimately you've struggled to close and keep small business clients yourself. I'm going to tell you, in this report, what I discovered that could save you years of wasted time and money and speed up the process to growing your Agency faster than you ever thought possible.


All too often marketing agencies focus on catering and customizing their offers for each individual client from the start. The problem with this tactic, is that you get into the Sales and Fulfillment Trap. This is where you sell, sell, sell, getting any and every client you possibly can, and then end up spending all your time fulfilling to keep those new clients happy with no time to close more clients.

The other trap marketing agencies fall into is relying on clever sales tactics that try to convince a client that he or she wants to pay you for your services. Depending on your goals for your agency, this may or may not be a bad tactic. If you have those sales skills and plan on working as the main sales person inside your agency long into the future or if you are looking to grow your agency to a certain level and stop, this tactic is fine.

But what if you don’t have the sales skills needed to convince someone that they need your service or if you want to grow your business, without a cap, then you need to organize your offers into a simple sales formula.


When Einstein discovered the simple formula E=MC² it revolutionized the way molecular scientists and astrophysicists viewed the matter, energy, light, gravity and the universe. It was a simple formula but it took science to a whole new level that better explained the nature of matter and how the universe works.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein

I discovered something from that simple equation as well, that transformed my business and allowed me to build a business that can grow without me.

Don’t worry, although it can make a huge impact in your business growth, it isn’t complicated to do. In fact, it simplifies your business in many ways. Once you see it, you may feel underwhelmed by how simple it is, but don’t let it’s simplicity fool you into thinking that it can’t totally transform the way you grow your business.


or E=MC² system

The truth is, if you want to grow and scale your agency fast, you need to build an Easy, Money, Clients (E=MC²) Sales System.

In order to help other people working to grow their agency, I put together this report with tools to help them understand that what I discovered is the most effective way to organize your services in a way that helps you land more clients and grow your own agency.  The E=MC² System is a simple formula for taking your leads and eventual clients through a logical progression of your services.


If you are struggling to grow your agency, I can almost guarantee that you are not following this simple E=MC² system.



  • GET MORE CLIENTS - No More Struggle To Close Clients
    Learn how to close more clients with a simple to follow formula that will help you know exactly what offers to offer and when to offer them even if you stick at sales.
  • SIMPLE SALES SYSTEM - Simple But Powerful
    Learn how to find the products that are easiest to sell businesses that don't cost you a lot of time or energy to fulfill yet they bring massive value to your customers and position you to immediately sell services at higher prices.
  • BUILD YOUR BASE INCOME - The Path To A Stable Income
    Learn how to get nice, recurring, payments from your initial Easy Sale that build a base income for you and your business.  
  • LAND HIGH TICKET CLIENTS - More Of The Best Clients 
    Learn how to position your business so you only take on the Ideal Clients for big paychecks and how you can easily turn away clients that are going to be a pain in the rear. 
  • STEP BY STEP - Simple To Implement 
    I've included the entire process, including FOUR sets of in depth worksheets to help you design your own EASY, MONEY, CLIENTS system. 


Now this is usually the part where most WSOs try to stack on bonuses and try to build up the value of their product.  I'm not going to do that and here's why...

If you're looking for an overly bloated and complicated course with tons of overly wordy training and that's hard to implement, this report isn't for you.  If you value when someone takes the time to break down what's holding you back in simple language, with easy to implement steps, then you need this report.

Simplifying a process is more valuable than stacking on a bunch of useless bonuses that people will never use and anyone who tells you differently, doesn't know what they're talking about.

I've charged businesses that value simple and easy to follow steps, thousands of dollars (and you could too) to learn these very simple principles and I'm basically giving them away here for a few bucks.  

Why not just give it away for free?  Well, I strongly feel that people don't value things they aren't willing to spend money on.  So if I gave it away for free, I worry that these simple concepts will be just another product that fills your hard drive that you will never use or implement.  So I decided to offer it as cheap as possible.

But I won't keep this report up forever.

Grab It Now! Before I Remove It From The Market

100% Secure Payment

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.  I try to be as responsive as possible but I don't spend my day on the Warrior Forum so make sure you keep your expectations reasonable.


Ruben Romero

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee or refund?

A. No.  I decided to NOT offer a guarantee or refund for this report because I value the E=MC² system too highly.  If you need a refund on $7, don't buy this.  Refunding $7 isn't worth either of our time so if you're not sure if this report sounds right for you, it's probably not.  If you're struggline making sales or it seems like you have many of the pieces in place but something just isn't quite right with your approach, then I think this report can help you and you should grab it before it's gone.

Q. Is this a video training course?

A. No.  This is a simple report that gives you everything you need (including Four Worksheets) to help you create your Easy, Money, Clients' system.  I know I could have made several videos, package this up on a membership site and sell it for a lot more but, I value you and your time and knew I could say more with less so that's how I decided to make it just a simple report.  

Q. Does this work for beginner or veteran local agencies?

A. If you are struggling with sales this will help you whether you're a beginner or you've been offering digital marketing services for years.  It took me years to discover this simple formula and know how to apply it into my business.

Q. Are there any upsells?

A. No.  I'm simply releasing this report to help a few agencies with these simple concepts which can help them stop chasing every new technique under the sun and finally organize their agency in the best way to maximize their profits and growth.  Inside the report, I do link to a technique I use as a resource to you, but it isn't necessary.

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