Best Primary Upsell For Websites

"Double Or Triple Your Income Offering This
No-Brain Offer To Your Website Clients"


In the last video, we showed you this diagram:

People have asked us, "What is a primary upsell?" And, "What’s the best primary upsell to use with your websites?" First, what is a primary upsell?  A primary upsell is the product you immediately offer your prospects that complements your lead product.  And a good primary upsell should do all the following.

A Good Primary Upsell Should...

  • Complement Your Lead
    A good Upsell Product will be a natural next step right as you're closing the Lead Product.  It shouldn't seem forced or disconnected and shouldn't push the client in anyway, instead making the client feel like you're just adding value to something they already want.
  • Have A High Perceived Value
    It's important for a good Upsell Product to also make you're client feel like they're getting one heck of a deal.  They should feel like they're getting 10x the value of the offer.
  • Dramatically Increase Your Sales 
    If you're Upsell Product is a natural progression of your Lead Product and a great value, your sales should Double or Triple by adding it.
  • Solve A Major Related Problem
    It's important that your new website clients understand the major issue that's connected directly to the Lead Product, websites.  Too many local marketers make the mistake of thinking that lead generation or SEO would be directly connected to the website but it usually too early to offer those things unless the client's specifically asking for it.

What’s the biggest problem for almost every website out there? 

Lost Traffic!

The Google term for Lost Traffic is Bounce Rate which is simply the percentage of website visitors that leave without interacting with the site.

High bounce rates are bad because it means that your website visitors don’t see your offers, don’t contact you, and are basically just leaving your site as soon as they arrive, and chances are very high that they’ll end up doing business with one of your competitors.


  • The Average Bounce Rate is Roughly 50%
  • Mobile Bounce Rates are 10-20% higher than desktop Bounce Rates
  • Most businesses have no plan to decrease their bounce rates
  • Most visitors leave before calling or contacting the business

The #1 Solution To Lost Traffic?   LIVE CHAT MANAGEMENT

(And By Far The Easiest Website Upsell)

Andrew GazDecki,
CEO at Bizness Apps

“We literally saw about a 10,000% ROI as our inbound visitor conversion rate has increased by literally over 500% since using live chat... I can honestly say it’s the most cost efficient customer support and sales tool that I have ever seen.”

Large companies are already using it!  Why?

Because customers love it! 79% of those that say they love it, say it’s because they get their questions answered immediately. 51% say it allows them to multi-task. 46% say, it’s the most efficient communication method. And 38% say it’s because they realized how well it works.

And for a limited time, get Live Chat on all your unlimited sites for a super low price we will probably never offer again.

We Normally Sell This Unlimited Chat Add-on For $799/month

You Can Sell The Websites For Thousands And Charge A Premium For Fully Managed Sites With Live Chat Management For A Recurring Monthly Income.

That’s Unlimited Chat added to your Unlimited Websites package for an additional all time low price of just $99/m.

After Your First Few Clients, It's 100% Profit!

So not only can you charge thousands of dollars for web development, but with this limited time offer, you an also charge as little as $97/m and even $500/m per website for premium hosting that includes Live Chat Managment. All for one low fee and you keep all the profits.

Business Cost For Live Chat 12 Hours/Day

Fed Minimum Wage @ $7.25

Expected Price @ $2/h

Super Low Price @ $0.40/h




Businesses Can’t Do This In House At These Prices

Our live chat agents are online for 12 hours a day which is over 250 hours per month.

So even if you charged your clients $500/m that’s still less than $2 an hour. If you charged them $100/m that’s Less Than 40 Cents an hour.

12 hours a day a the federal minimum wage of $7.25, would cost over $1,900/m

With our unlimited chat “add-on” service, you'll pay one low monthly fee for live chat on all your sites.  

Our Live Chat Agents...

  • Engage Every Visitor In First 30 Secs  Engaging your website visitors in the first 30 seconds is critical.  It's important to do it within the first minute of visiting the site.
  • Engage Visitors Again At 1 Minute  Sometimes website visitors respond to a second message that just lets them know we are there if they have any questions so we follow up with every visitor at around a minute after landing on the site.
  • Our Goal Is To Capture Their Info  Our goal isn't to be able to answer all questions from a website visitor.  Our goal is to turn a warm lead into a hot lead and get their information so someone who's qualified, from the business, can turn them into a customer.
  • We Send Those Leads To The Client  As soon as we get a website visitor's information we immediately email it to the customer so they can follow up and close the deal.
  • Live Chat From 9am - 9pm Eastern  Our agents are online from 9am to 9pm Monday through Friday.  That's 12 hours a day and over 250 hours a month.
  • Increase Sales From Current Traffic  Increasing your traffic is way more expensive than capturing more of the traffic you already have.  Live Chat allows you to get more hot leads for way less than it would cost for other marketing services.

Unlimited Websites & Keep 100%, All Of The Profits.

This is an introductory rate that won't be seen again.  An 87% DISCOUNT on our regular $799/m package.  With this add on, our live chat agents will start monitoring and engaging the visitors of all of your Unlimited Websites.  When you sell your first website (with live chat as an upsell at $100/mo or more), this service instantly pays for itself.  Don't miss out on this special offer before the price goes back up.

If you're looking for a way to grow your agency, you've found it.  Websites and Live Chat are the one-two punch of building a fast growing digital agency!

Get Unlimited Chat Added Onto Your Unlimited Websites Today For Just $99/m

Don't wait for this offer to go away.  Spaces are limited because our current staff can only handle so many clients.
Once this offer is gone, it's gone.


Ruben Romero

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Add Live Chat To All Of My Unlimited Websites?

A. Yes, absolutely.  We can add chat to as many sites we setup and manage for you, all for one low monthly price!

Q. Is This $99/m In Addition To My $99/m For Unlimited Websites?

A. Yes, this is an add-on feature so when you purchase Unlimited Chat with Unlimited Websites, you are making two payments of $99/m for a total of $198/m.

Q. Is There Any Additional Cost, Other Than The $99/m To Have Live Chat On All My Unlimited Websites?

A. Nope, the $99/m for the Unlimited Websites & $99/m for Unlimited Chat are the only costs involved to have live chat on all of your Unlimited Sites.  There's no per site or hidden fees.

Q. Will You Add Chat To A Site That You Don't Manage?

A. The Unlimited Chat add-on is only for website we manage.  As long as you are hosting the site with us and have the unlimited chat add-on, we will manage that chat for you.  

Q. How Long Does It Take To Have Live Chat Added To My Site?

A. We usually start seting up live chat as soon as we get the request to add live chat to your new Unlimited Website, so it should be done when your site goes live.

If you'd like to add live chat to a already existing Unlimited Website, it take just a few days to set up.

Q. How Does The Process Work?

A. Our process is super easy.  After you complete the website request form, you'll be sent to a Live Chat request form. When we receive the Live Chat request, we get started right away.  It's usually setup before the website is complete, however it won't go live until the website is on the primary domain.  Once we move the website to the primary domain, our chat agents will be live on your site.  It's that easy!

Q. Are Your Live Chat Agents Real People Or Are They Some Type Of AI Chat Bot?

A. Our Chat Agents are real live English speaking humans and not just chat bots.

Q. How Do You Know Where To Send The Leads?

A. When you request live chat to be setup for a website we ask you what email you want the leads to be sent to.  Right after talking to a lead, we send a message to that email immediately to notify them of the lead and what exactly their questions are.

Q. What Happens If I Want To Move A Site To Another Host?

A. If you need to move a website to another hosting account, we are no longer able to maintain that site, which includes live chat management.  If you move a site, live chat management is no longer included.

Special Charter Member Price: Get Unlimited Chat Added
To Your Unlimited Websites Package Today For Just $99/m

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